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Brand: Metsa (Food Collection) 
Type: Double Finger Ring 
Material: Black Ebony Wood
Made in: Canada (Handmade by the founder of the brand himself)
Retail Price: $150 at Nomad (I got if off the founder himself for a lot cheaper)


This is an amazing ring by Metsa Design. Yes.. you may have seen a double finger ring with a better or flashier design, but mark my word- it will not be as good as this! Without any further adieu let start reviewing this ring!

Let’s start off with packaging

I’ve to admit it that this is totally unexpected. This ring comes in a paper box with a size of a matchbox. On top of the box, you’ll see a “Nutrition Fact" printed on it (probably because this is from his food collection). As clever as that is, it is not the best part- because as you look closer into the calories table- you’ll see the type of wood that he actually use to create this ring! (Personally- I find this idea to be very creative, I don’t know why XD).

Once you open it up, you will see a layer of black paper babying around this ring with another thin plastic sheet covering it from harm. Mad packaging Metsa!! >:D

Heads on to the material:
A Black Ebony wood was more durable than I thought. I used this ring for more than 30 times and it is still in it’s prime. The colors is still dark and delicious. In addition, the surface of this ring interestingly become shinier and smoother comparing to when I first got it. The two sterling silver dots embed to this ring make it so fierce and noticeable from faraway. Markus, the Founder of the brand- really do knows how to keep his line organic- but modern.

In term of practicalness, you might find this ring uncomfortable since it merge your finger together as one. But that problem will occur with every double finger ring! I personally think that it is not that big of a deal (especially when what you have in return is this piece of art on your finger).

I choose to wear it on my ring & pinky finger since I rarely use both of that finger anyways. I honestly thinks that a double finger ring is never an obstacle to our daily life routine. (Well.. unless you need to use your finger for something really important.)

Okay, that comes out awfully wrong haha, what are you guys thinking?


For pricing, $150 may sound a bit exaggerating for just a wooden ring. But if you know the process of how it is done, this price is a deal! 

Now to the saddest part of this review..

This ring is already discontinued from his line :(

I don’t know when he will do it again. But don’t give up right off, there are hope! Markus usually give me a heads up when his new collection drop off. So if there is any chance that he will consider re-do them again, I’ll make sure to let you guys know!

But if you guys do really want one now, below is the list of the similar one that you get online.


This ring is one of the best I own. It is very valuable to me, and no- I am not talking about the price here. 

I give this ring: ★★★★★

ps: Metsa have their own tumblr too! kindly check them out! :D

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