Dear friends and family,

I will not be objective in a discussion of Shui; however, I believe I’m well suited to tell you a little about who he is, where he comes from and what drives him.

Shui was born in Bangkok and spent a lot of time growing up with his mother’s extended family in Nakhon Prathom, a province outside of the city. I think when you ask him where “home” is, he’ll still think of that house on stilts over the river, the little golden mutt who barked at trespassers, and his auntie’s cooking.

In Thailand people are given names which they are called on official documents and nicknames which they are commonly known by. Shui’s document-name is Poj-chara, which means “Diamond” in Thai. His nickname is Shui, which comes from the mandarin Chinese word for “Water.” My guess is this is homage to his Chinese father. A wildly charismatic character, we respect and love Shui’s father, but he was largely absent from Shui’s life.

Like many people from a mixed background, Shui has lived in a culture space between the two; never quite one thing or another. I’m sure this space got wider when he moved to Canada, and wider still when he married me. Nevertheless, he is always retracing his steps back to Thailand – to his maternal family – hoping to show them love and appreciation and working to share his idea of home.

I hope that in this collection and continued works you can feel Shui reaching out to you - not just with aesthetically beautiful objects, but with ideas - to share these bittersweet notions of love, struggle, and belonging.